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Message Management
Connolly & Company specializes in message management by delivering creative public relations, marketing and advertising solutions to communications problems or opportunities.
We define message management as the total conceptualization, articulation and distribution of your position, image or company sales philosophy. Most of our clients hire us to craft a message that becomes their image – the “face” they show their customers, vendors, investors, and other target groups. We believe in a planned approach that ensures that all parts of your image have a “family resemblance” in terms of appearance, language and distribution.

And we’ve found that especially in times of crisis or transition, companies (or individuals) may have a difficult time discerning a core message from the rhetoric of change. We are experienced facilitators who can coach you and your staff into clarifying and refining a definitive mission statement or position on an issue, and then guide you in finding the most cost-effective way to articulate and disseminate your message to complement existing aspects of your business (e.g., signage, brochures, employee uniforms, advertising, existing website, the complete body of existing letterhead and business cards).

Finally, we develop a process for systematic maintenance of that message, whether it’s a public relations program, a marketing plan or an ad campaign. We will evaluate all of your communications efforts for consistency in all of the various stages of the process. We will work with you to develop methods of measurement, routes of feedback and indicators of success so that at the end of the day, you know where you are . . . and how far you’ve come.

In-house Creative Design
One of the major distinctions between Connolly & Company and other local public relations firms is the fact that we offer in-house creative design services. Many other PR firms outsource design services and mark them up in bills to the client. We made the decision early in our development to bring design into our office for the following reasons:

  • To eliminate the communication problems that can occur between a PR firm and a designer during telephone or e-mail exchanges on a number of clients;

  • To give our clients the opportunity to speak with our creative director face-to-face so that complicated concepts and layouts are clearly understood by all parties; and

  • To offer reasonably priced, high quality design services that are the result of a creative team working together within the same four walls.

The Medium and Your Message
We understand the importance of having a newsworthy angle or story and how media gatekeepers evaluate their myriad pitches. We have established unparalleled media relationships in San Antonio including all the television network affiliates and the daily and weekly print publications. And across the state and throughout the country we have had our story pitches picked up by statewide and national media.

Print outlets have included the Austin American-Statesman, the Houston Chronicle, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, the Dallas Morning News, the Chicago Tribune, the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among many others. We will use your industry’s trade publications or Website news outlets to the greatest extent possible, ensuring that your successes are noted by your peers in addition to the publics you aim to reach.

Television shows including the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “CBS This Morning,” “CNN Morning,” “Dateline NBC,” “Inside Edition,” “Nightline,”and “60 Minutes” have run stories of ours. And we’ve worked with CBS News, NBC News, ABC News CNN, MSNBC and FOX News and broadcasters in San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Austin and Laredo to air informative, impartial stories and interviews on issues pertaining to our clients.

We maintain excellent relationships with area radio broadcasters and talk-show hosts and have built outdoor advertising, Internet advertising, and direct mail components into multi-media campaigns. Connolly & Company has particular experience constructing partnerships between businesses or between a business and a non-profit organization for mutual publicity benefit and resource pooling. This concept has proven particularly effective for businesses that are new to the market or launching an image “re-fresh.”