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In 1998, T.J. Connolly was nearing the end of a decade as vice president for External Affairs for Time Warner Cable, then known as Paragon Cable and the nation’s seventh largest cable system. As a seasoned business manager, Connolly recognized that a current void existed for a public relations firm specializing in message management and he felt it was an appropriate time to establish such firm in San Antonio.

Connolly envisioned a small-to-mid-sized office of public relations, advertising and marketing specialists who provide the full spectrum of creative communications for clients in a variety of industries.

In 1998, he opened Connolly & Company with a telephone, two computers, a secretary and a client that was negotiating a deal with a telecommunications giant. From the beginning, the plan was to grow a small but versatile staff, avoiding the bureaucracy and inefficiency of a large, impersonal agency.

Today Connolly & Company’s dynamic staff service clients in telecommunications, commercial real estate development, healthcare, law, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism and banking clients – among many others.